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Built for Wash

Built for Wash

By Sigourney V. Tulfo

Originally Published on Business World on October 16, 2017.

Washington Z. SyCip was one of Philippines business’ best. Aside from his intelligent financial insights, he was also a philanthropist who contributed in improving the country’s education and closing the gap between the rich and poor. These inspired his industry colleagues to follow his footsteps and inspired the creation of tribute structures that serve as reminders of Mr. SyCip’s legacy.

As a reminder of Mr. SyCip’s dedication to education, SGV & Co. created the Washington SyCip Development Center. The center was originally called the SGV Development Center when it was inaugurated on March 8, 1978 and later on named after Mr. SyCip when it was reconstructed.

The 550.3-square-meter facility inside the SG V building features several training rooms and a gym.

Mr. SyCip said, “The new Development Center is a symbol of our commitment to continue promoting this legacy and tradition of education.” Through the Washington SyCip Development center, SGV hopes that trainees will realize their true potential and realize their goals.

In Makati, a beautiful park stands to carry the name of Mr. SyCip. The Washington SyCip Park in Legaspi Village, Makati City was a gift from Ayala Land Inc. to the late business icon in June 2006, in time for his 85th birthday.

The project was developed and realized through a partnership with Ayala Land Inc., the Makati Commercial Estate Association (MACEA), the City of Makati, Barangay San Lorenzo, and SGV & Co. It features a variety of trees and plants, a koi pond, benches, and interactive sculptures by Impy Pilapil.

The park also houses some objects that hold significance for Mr. SyCip like a turtle and a vase, common things in his house growing up. A tour of the park will also reveal nuggets of wisdom in the form of memorable sayings that Mr. SyCip had about life and business. It truly is a place to relax and get to know the well-respected SG V co-founder. 

Another reminder of Mr. SyCip ’s involvement in education stands inside the University of the Philippines (U.P.) Diliman, Quezon City.

The Washington SyCip Garden of Native Trees inside U.P. Diliman was a gift by the Zuellig Group to Mr. SyCip in honor of his contributions to education. It was designed by the U.P. Office of the Campus Architect.

The garden, which is located between the University Theater and the UP Film Center, features 100 species of native trees from the Philippines, both exotic and familiar. An example of these is the Bolon or platymitra arborea, a tree that is considered a historic Flora de Filipinas. It’s aimed that the 4,700  -square-meter park would host student tours so that they can appreciate the country’s rich biodiversity. — Sigourney V. Tulfo

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