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Wash’s firstborn
In 1951, Wash and Anna’s first child, Victoria, is born while they were still living in the Quonset hut. They decided to move into a new home soon after.

In the early ‘50s the SyCips moved to their new home in South Forbes Park. Theirs was one of only four houses in the neighborhood back then.

By 1951, Wash opened his first branch in Cebu, and his accounting firm had grown to 26 employees. They all shared the passion that drove them to work through Sundays.

In 1953, SyCip, Velayo, Jose & Co. merged with Henry Hunter Bayne & Co., a company established in the country in 1906. After the merger, HHB senior partner Thomas Farnell sold his practice to two Filipino accountants. These accountants were Arsenio Reyes and Ramon J. Gorres. Negotiations between Wash and the two accountants inevitably ensue, and the two companies eventually merge to form the largest accounting firm in the Philippines. Thus was born SyCip, Gorres, Velayo & Co. (SGV & Co.)

SGV scholars
In 1955, Wash inaugurated one of his most farsighted innovations. Each year, at company expense, one employee would be sent to the United States for an MBA degree. In time, as the company grew and prospered, the number of SGV-sponsored scholars grew. As Wash accurately foresaw, many future SGV partners and firm leaders emerged from this group.

In 1956, George Edwin, Wash’s first son and second child, is born. On the same year Wash recruits Cesar Virata to SGV & Co. Virata eventually became the country’s Prime Minister.

In 1958, Robert Raymond, Wash’s third child, is born.

In 1959, Wash and SGV & Co. open a branch in Davao.