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Accelerated student
Wash graduates from P. Burgos Elementary School, completing seven years of learning in just five and a half.

Helen Bau SyCip, mother of Wash, dies of asthma.

In 1936, Wash graduates from Victorino Mapa High School at the age of fifteen. He kept himself busy reading and studying through his high school years where he excelled in physics and mathematics. He was not distracted by sports and eluded his mother’s attempts to have him take piano lessons.

As high school valedictorian, he was automatically entitled to admission and free tuition at the University of the Philippines, which was then on Padre Faura. However, Wash wanted to take up accounting, and UP was not exactly the right fit for him. “It (UP) offered a liberal arts program where you could major in business or something,” Wash said. “I did well there, but I don’t even remember having any accounting.”

From UP to UST
After only a semester at UP, Wash transferred to the University of Santo Tomas (UST). He finished Accounting at the College of Commerce in only two-and-a-half years, graduating summa cum laude at the age of 18.

His mentor, Dean Stanley Prescott of UST, asked 18-year-old Wash to teach in his stead while the former was on vacation.

Wash takes his master’s degree while teaching at UST. He takes and passes the board exams for certified public accountants at the age of 19, only to find out that the law requires accountants to be at least 21 to practice their profession. He decides to take up a doctorate degree instead.